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For over 45 years, YouthCARE has been a part of creating positive school communities. Students are empowered and encouraged to be the best they can be, and live healthy and happy lives.

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KBCHS Chaplain

KBCHS currently engages with YouthCARE WA to provide a School Chaplaincy service.  Our school chaplain is responsible for Pastoral Care, support and mentoring to students, staff and family members as required, located off the main administration area.

The Chaplain works as part of the student services team contributing to improving wellbeing whilst working under the YouthCARE ethics and value in collaboration   with Department of Education policies and procedures.

Some people believe that school Chaplains provide a ‘religious’ teaching to students however this is not true.  It is true that the chaplain’s role is underpinned by Christian values of respect, compassion and service however the role of in-school chaplain is to support and empower students in a non-judgemental way and as such do not form part of the disciplinary team.

Chaplains are obligated to perform role underpinned by the Christian values of Respect, Compassion and Service. The role of the in-school chaplain is to support and empower students in a non-judgemental way and as such, do not form part of the disciplinary teams.  The chaplain’s focus is to provide an avenue for students regardless of how big or small their problem or issue is to have someone available to speak with.  The chaplaincy service is confidential and can be accessed by students without prior permission from staff. 

Please note our school chaplain attempts to meet all students regardless of that students background, religion or circumstance in order to advise what supports are available at school.  If you do NOT want your child to see the school chaplain please notify the Deputy Principal or Year Co-Ordinator.  Please note: what the student discusses with the chaplain is confidential unless it is a mandatory report (legal reporting of serious abuse) or in cases where that information is essential to be passed on (with the students permission) to help the student in other areas of schooling.

How do I make an appointment with the Chaplain?

Students can either ask the chaplain directly or report to student services, co-ordinator or support officer and request to see the Chaplain, parents may contact KBCHS School and request a call back from the Chaplain.  Usually appointments 1:1 are booked in however in a crisis the student will be seen immediately.

The school chaplain is able to refer students to outside support services if required, act as an advocate for any student issues or struggles and be available to support family members on request.

Our school chaplain is an integral member of staff and is present for the benefit of assisting students to reach their full potential academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Our school chaplain is trained in:

Some of the reasons students may see the chaplain or ways the chaplain can help may include:

Introduction to the KBCHS School Chaplain

My name is Kelly Harris and I began working here in 2010, I am married with three children.
I was born in New Zealand, spent time in the New Zealand Air Force as a Medic, I have worked and lived  in London, Scotland, France and travelled  around the United Kingdom, Europe, Egypt, Thailand,  Malaysia and Indonesia.

I have lived in Kalgoorlie for over 20 years, worked in nursing homes and the hospital as a nurse. I am currently registered as a Division two nurse with experience in mental health nursing and wellbeing.  My nursing qualifications and skills are very helpful in this chaplaincy role. I am also studying Bachelor of Global Security and International Aid and Development through Murdoch University.

I think KB is a great school and I call Kalgoorlie-Boulder home.

I absolutely love my role as chaplain here at KB and am passionate about supporting youth through adversities in life; I love to inspire and give hope and help those through difficult times. 

Please know that there is always someone to talk to and share your fears or burdens in a confidential setting. 

Websites/Help and Numbers for National and Local Services

Police/Fire/Ambulance                                             000

CAMHS Community Mental Health Team:               08 9088 6201 or 1800 552 002

Kalgoorlie Mental Health                                

Kalgoorlie Hospital Emergency Department:                       08 90080 5888

Headspace Kalgoorlie                                                             08  9021 5599

Kids Helpline 24/7     FREECALL        1800 55 1800

Lifeline Australia FREECALL       13 11 14

Beyond Blue               FREECALL       1300 22 4643    


Centrecare: Mental Health counselling/accommodation support/ family domestic violence/ dispute resolution/ gambling help/ financial counselling/ carer support/justice counselling/indigenous services/ separation support/ parenting program/ victim support/ youth and family counselling & Workshops.


GOLDFIELDS WOMENS HEALTHCARE CLINIC   15 Dugan St, Kalgoorlie 08 9021 8266

Goldfields Community Alcohol & Drug Services       48 Brookman ST, Kalgoorlie   08 9021 3069      

Goldfields Rehabilitation Alcohol/Drug Treatment         08 9091 1922      

Kalgoorlie Police Station        9021 9777  or 131444            

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