Positive Behaviour Support (ROAR)

What is PBS?

PBS or Positive Behaviour Support is a school wide behaviour support framework for all student which places emphasis on implementation, practices and systems. It is evidence based interventions to achieve improved academic and behaviour outcomes. The framework builds a continuum of support for staff and students with an emphasis on building relationships.

In a school, PBS aims to develop:

What does PBS mean for KBCHS?

At KBCHS we have 4 behaviours expected of the students; Respect, Organised, Achieve and Responsible (ROAR). The students are explicitly taught how to appropriately display these behaviours during form time through interactive and fun activities. The behaviour which is focused on is based on the data gathered by the staff in relation to positive and negative behaviours displayed around the school.

In all the classrooms the students are able to see the ROAR matrix which explicitly states expected behaviours. Visual reminders to all students are in classrooms and around the school about the current behaviour focus and the ROAR behaviours. 

How does PBS operate at KBCHS?

At KBCHS staff members positively reward students who display the ROAR behaviours with ROAR awards. These ROAR awards are then used then collected and used as currency at the ROAR shop, allows students to gain access to ROAR sausage sizzles and other rewards throughout the term. These rewards are also used for the ROAR carnival at the end of each year where all students are invited to attend a whole school fun event day.

PBS at KBCHS enjoys the support of the local community members and businesses to make all these fantastic rewards and activities available to the students.

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KBCHS Positive Behaviour Support

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